Hopman Cup 2023 – VIP Boxes

Enhance your tennis experience VIP courtside boxes. Be up close with spectacular views as the on-court action is taking place.

All VIP Boxes include our 1890 Club.

Amenities Include:

  • VIP Entrance
  • VIP Parking
  • Dedicated Reception & Restrooms
  • Pre & Post Event Access
  • World renowned Chef prepared meal Offerings
  • Beverage Service
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Relaxing seating & shaded areas
  • Private & stress-free atmosphere

1890 Club

The Nice Lawn Tennis Club (NLTC), established in 1890, is a prestigious club located in the beautiful city of Nice, France. It is in that tradition that Jet Set Sports honors the iconic NLTC with The 1890 Club. Our team of global experts are dedicated to providing an unparalleled level of hospitality, ensuring that every visit is delivered in a manner which reflects the excellence of the Hopman Cup and the NLTC. Showcasing world renowned chefs from Michelin star rated restaurants and some of the France’s finest wines, The 1890 Club is about providing guests with a memorable and enjoyable experience which compliments the sport.  The 1890 Club is a place to relax, unwind and experience exquisite food and beverage during the Hopman Cup 2023.

Featured Chefs

  • Noëlle et David Faure
  • Christophe Cavani

VIP Boxes Pricing and Seating Area

All VIP Boxes include our 1890 Club.

Center Court
Prime center view of the court closest to the net. From this view, spectators can see the players’ shots up close as they clear the net and land on the other side of the court. They can also see the players’ footwork and positioning as they approach the net for volleys or move back to defend their side of the court.

Call or email for inquiry
+1 908 326 2660

Lateral Court
Sideline view where you see the entire width of the court and have a clear view of the players’ footwork and technique, as well as the trajectory and speed of the ball.  You also see the players’ reactions and expressions up close, providing a more intimate and immersive experience of the match. 

End Court
End Court Boxes are located on the North and South sides with direct view of court where the baseline meets the back wall. End Courts provide a unique view of the players’ movements and strategies as they maneuver around the court. These boxes also offer a more intimate viewing experience. 

End Corner
End Corner boxes are located on the North and South sides or the court. These boxes provide a diagonal view of the court, with a unique perspective of the players’ movements and strategies.

VIP Tribune Club Seats

All VIP Tribune Club Seats include our 1890 Club.

VIP Tribune Clubs

First 4 rows on south end above the VIP Boxes
Full view of court
Prices are per day

Day Euro € USD $
Wednesday July 19 € 325 $ 358
Thursday July 20 € 325 $ 358
Friday July 21 € 440 $ 484
Saturday July 22 € 440 $ 484
Sunday July 23 € 480 $ 528