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There is no other event in the world that provides your guests with the experience of witnessing the passion and electricity surrounding the world-class athletic competition of the Olympic Games. It is from our years of experience that we can say that an Olympic Games hospitality program provides the opportunity for building relationships in four or five days that would otherwise take years to establish. The Games happen every two years, but the memories last a lifetime.

In the annals of the Olympic Games, no company has created a hospitality experience that rivals the programs developed by Jet Set Sports. Created and refined in the real time environment of the Olympic Games, Jet Set Sports’ hospitality programs are designed to cater to the corporate executive and meet all of your business objectives. The scope of the program covers all the details - from the first planning meeting to the Closing Ceremony Celebration. The efficiency with which the programs are executed reflects the organizational excellence to which the leaders of the business world are accustomed.

What separates Jet Set Sports from other hospitality management companies is its status as principal. Rather than being the middleman in the transaction, Jet Set Sports pre-pays and owns all of its rooms, tickets, meals, and other services, which makes Jet Set Sports more of a business partner than just a service provider to its clients.

"I am sure that the work we do together will ensure maximum comfort for each coming to the 2014 Games. Thanks to Jet Set Sports, guests of the Games will experience the world-famous Russian hospitality and leave with the fondest memories of Sochi. The new Official Supplier for the Games is the leader in its field, as it has shown more than once at previous Olymic Games."

Dmitry Chernyshenko,
The President of the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee

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