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A track record of leading hospitality management in each and every Olympiad
“On behalf of Dow, I thank you deeply for your help in delivering an outstanding program to our customers during the Games in Sochi. The environment of the Host City was challenging, but you and your staff found solutions before and during the Games that allowed our guests to enjoy the highest quality experience. Your tireless efforts in London and Sochi have been very meaningful to us, as they set the stage for Dow to grow our customer relationships – a key goal of our Olympic partnership. We appreciate your hard work and look forward to another collaborative effort in Rio!”
George R. Hamilton
Vice President, Olympic Operations, The Dow Chemical Company
March 2014
“On behalf of Hilton Worldwide and The Marketing Arm, I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you for your services in Sochi…thrilled to have two courteous and reliable drivers. It was clear that they were great students in your training academy and had absorbed many good learnings abut providing excellent hospitality services. As always, out ticket allocation was fantastic – every seat to every event provided our attendees an exhilarating experience.”
Anita Martin
Hospitality Programs Director, The Marketing Arm
March 2014
“MegaFon thanks Jet Set Sports for its excellence and top quality of the services provided, efficient and well-coordinated work on a tight schedule, best goals orientation and their pursuit! Jet Set Sports managed to develop within a short period of time such program where the guests received a maximum reflection of beauty and high-pitched emotions of the Olympic Games.”
Tigran Pogosyan
Deputy CEO, MegaFon
August 2012
“Your talented team has managed to deliver amazing Olympic experience to our guests…”
Karen Yeh
Senior Manager, Acer
September 2012
“Your team did a great job for us…hard to believe that was our fourth Games together.”
Loring Phinney
Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Bell Canada
October 2012
“I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate you on another successful Olympic Games. Your support of our sponsors and their hospitality programs was wonderful and everyone was happy and enjoying their experience. The Orangery was exceptional... Thank you again for your support, your commitment to our athletes and to the Olympic spirit.”
Susan Goldsmith
Managing Director, Partnership Marketing, United States Olympic Committee
August 2012
"I mentioned many times early in our discussions that our hospitality program would be very unique, often challenging and a true test for Jet Set given the various dynamics of our Consortium. Your team’s patience and willingness to assist us with our endless hospitality scenarios and special requests are a testament to your company’s ability to ensure an unparalleled hospitality experience at the Olympic Games."
Adam Ashton
Vice President, Marketing
Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium
March 2010
"I would like to take this opportunity to extend both my personal gratitude and that of our entire Vancouver 2010 team to you and your team. You have helped us host the world, inspired an entire generation and contributed to lasting legacies in Canada and around the globe. You have made us a better organization by your leadership and unyielding support. It has been our privilege to call you a member of the Olympic Family."
John Furlong
Chief Executive Officer, Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
March 2010
"Our guests have stated unanimously that this was the best company event they have ever attended. Thanks so much for all your efforts."
Alex Pourbaix
Executive Vice President of Power & Gas Trans Canada
February 2010
"Simply put, the hospitality program for Petro-Canada (SUNCOR) at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics was outstanding. And one of the biggest reasons we were able to deliver the ultimate experience to almost 500 corporate guests and staff was because of the efforts of your organization – Jet Set Sports. Dedicated, self sacrificing, service first, care and concern coupled with unbridled enthusiasm were key success factors… Life is about experiences… Thanks for creating some that will live on forever."
Howard McIntyre
Vice President of Marketing, SUNCOR
March 2010
"I just wanted to thank you and your entire team for treating us so well. It was a wonderful experience and in no small part because of how special you made us all feel and how well organized everything was."
John Bowey
Chairman, Deloitte & Touche LLP., Canada
February 2010
"Without your hard work, your cooperation or your support, these Olympic achievements would hardly have been imaginable."
Pan Qing
Director, Olympic Marketing Volkswagen Group China
December 2008
"We are grateful to you and your company for always approaching the tasks in a collaborative way with tremendous flexibility – no matter the task in question."
Paul J. Foster
Head Protocol, Events & Hospitality Services, International Olympic Committee
September 2008
"We appreciated the hard work, dedication and exceptional service we received at every turn."
John A. Furlong
Chief Executive Officer
Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
September 2008
"Our Olympic program was a complete success! The feedback from our clients […] has been consistently positive and we have your organization to thank for this wonderful result. [I] was able to experience first-hand, the amount of planning and level of detail that went into this project. […] The Jet Set staff was incredibly helpful, our meals were delicious, and we moved around the city without a hitch. Most importantly, the Olympic events provided a fantastic opportunity for our executives to connect with our clients in a constructive and meaningful manner that, undoubtedly, will have a lasting, positive impact on our business."
Robert L. McCann, Jr
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Nielsen Company
September 2008
"In Beijing, Jet Set ran the most professional, exciting and successful hospitality program for GE that the company has ever had. We received excellent feedback from our attending customers and employees. We look forward to working with Jet Set again in the future."
Deirdre Latour
Director, PR and Marketing Services, GE
September 2008
"The hospitality services provided by Jet Set Sports were outstanding in every measure. Once again, I compliment you and your staff."
Boris J. Jackman
Executive Vice President, Petro-Canada
June 2006
"What flawless execution! Thank you to you and your team for all of your fine work in Torino. I really appreciate all of your efforts and expertise."
Deirdre LaTour
Director of Public Relations, General Electric
March 2006
"As the Olympic Games returned to the nation of their ancient birth, and the city of their revival, we have witnessed a great moment in the history of the Olympic Games Movement. On behalf of the entire Olympic Games Movement, I would like to thank you and the entire Jet Set Sports organization for your tremendous support in making this moment possible. Jet Set Sports’ contribution as a Supporter of the 2004 Olympic Games has helped to make the event a great success. Thank you."
Jacques Rogge
The President, International Olympic Committee
August 2004
"I would like to also thank you – on behalf of all of ATHOC – for your great co-operation and hard work, and all that you did to make the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games a success."
Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki
President, Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, Athens 2004
December 2004
"On behalf of the Canadian Olympic Committee, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to you and your Team for your efforts in providing the COC with its ticket and hospitality program in Athens. The feedback from our sponsors was excellent and we can truly declare that the level of service and care provided by Jet Set was the ‘best ever’ for the COC."
Lou Ragagnin
Chief Operating Officer, Canadian Olympic Committee
September 2004
"The success of the Athens Games and having the opportunity to socialize with USOC partners like Jet Set created great memories. As we look forward to our relationship and future Olympic Games in Torino and Beijing, it will be a pleasure, as always, to work with the Jet Set team."
James J. Grice
Chief Marketing Officer, United States Olympic Committee
December 2004
"Our clients had a great time and everything went really well. The hosts and program management were a highlight!"
Colleen McGrath
Senior Manager of New Concepts, Monster
March 2002
"I have received many wonderful comments from our guests about the Utah Power hospitality program. The excellent event tickets, lovely meals, beautiful accommodations were only enhanced by the exceptional attention to every detail of the program. Our guests were overwhelmed and thoroughly delighted."
Kathy Hoffman
Project Manager, Utah Power
March 2002
"I arrived home last night and didn’t want a day to go by without thanking you for making our Olympic Games experience so enjoyable. Sead, there is no question that you are a great leader and you have built a wonderful organization, Jet Set Sports."
William S. Stavropoulos
President and Chief Executive Officer, The Dow Chemical Company
October 2000
"On behalf of the 90,000 staff and volunteers who represented ACOG during the Atlanta Games, I want to thank you once again for the wonderful support and contribution you made to the overwhelming success of our Olympic Games efforts."
Billy Payne
President & CEO, The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games
October 1996
"Georgia Power is most grateful for the effort everyone from the Jet Set team put forth on our behalf. Your quality and care really paid off for us, and the guests associated with our program could not have been happier."
Kay B. Lee
Olympic Games Project Management, Georgia Power Company
September 1996
"Lillehammer was a home run for us thanks to you and your team. There is no question in our minds that Jet Set won the gold! In fact, it was no contest! Every portion of our program that you and your team supported was a clear 10!"
Gregg P. Bronk
Director of Corporate Communications, Owens Corning
March 1994
"I want to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with Jet Set Sports on the 1992 Olympic Games in Albertville and Barcelona. All of your knowledge, expertise and effort was - and is - greatly appreciated."
Polly W. Freeman
Olympic Games Coordinator, Texaco Europe
October 1992
"On behalf of all of us at Sports Illustrated and Time Warner, I want to thank you for making our Olympic Games hospitality so very enjoyable. We are delighted to have Jet Set as a real partner in many of our Olympic Games endeavors."
Tom Hickey
Associate Publisher, Sports Illustrated
September 1992
"On behalf of the executive team of JCPenney, I want to thank you for an unforgettable Olympic Games experience in Barcelona. Great times, great laughs and great memories were had by all."
Carol L. Edwards
Sports Publicity Manager, JCPenney
September 1992
"Muchas gracias and many, many thanks for everything the excellent staff at Jet Set did for USA Basketball in Barcelona - as you have done for us all over the world in the past dozen-plus years."
William L. Wall
Executive Director USA Basketball
September 1992
"On behalf of the United States Cycling Federation, I would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest appreciation for your support of our activities during the Games of the XXIV Olympiad."
Jerry E. Lace
Executive Director, United States Cycling Federation
October 1988
"Thanks for your very special assistance to the Seagram’s Coolers Send The Families trip to Seoul, Korea for 1988 Summer Games. You certainly have the magic touch for Olympic activity."
C. Richard Coffey
President, The Seagram Beverage Company
October 1988
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